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Quest One - Eye of the Matrix - The Stone Map   
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A Quest Series - Arret Secret Tale One
A YA science fiction Mystery:

Nathan and his friends have graduated from Mars Academy. They
qualify to learn and operate the newest ship traveling three years
to the alien world of Arret. His mother always wanted to travel
further than the red planet. Against his desires, his family join
him along with his ahman friends. One of his human friends makes
copies of a strange map. Another friend is injured and cannot come
with them. Then a year into the flight, an ahman is killed. After
two cabins are left in disarray, it is obvious someone else wants
the stone map to themselves. Traveling to Arret was easier than
the trek through the mountains and the pinnacles.
Why is the map so important?
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Book Interview by Profilecritics
The children of Mars and Arret are now in their teens.
A grand ship called the Reliance leaves Mars for the
ahman planet of Arret. Nathan's friend steals a copy
of a strange object and when the ahman in possession
of the stone map is killed under questionable
circumstances, the stone turns up missing. Enduring
fire on board the ship before they arrive, puts
everyone's lives at risk.

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